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The Best Books About Magic for Adults - 2024

Do you love magic, but don’t typically read fantasy? Literature-lovers rejoice: there’s enchantment to be found in the everyday world (of fiction). Supernatural and mythic abilities, creatures, beasts, and fairies, and even magic portals. You’ll recognize the worlds the characters of these novels inhabit, but be charmed and enchanted out of your own. Here are […]

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According to the AWP 2023 Writer’s Conference, Magic is Real

Well, maybe that wasn't the Association of Writers & Writing Program's exact claim in their recent virtual panel discussion, but they did explore the connections between writing and divination (i.e. Tarot and other practices that seek to reveal the future. So...magic, essentially.) Magic and writing have a lot in common. They’re both acts of manifestation. […]

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What We Can Learn About Mental Health in Harry Potter

A teenage boy tosses and turns in bed. He can’t stop his racing thoughts, and it feels like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. A dark force looms over him, threatening everything he loves, but he feels isolated and afraid. No one believes his concerns, even as it’s plain to see the […]

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Mental Health for Writers: Redefining Creative Success

The cursor on the blank page blinks off and on, taunting the fingers sitting still against the keyboard. The phone beeps a cheery tone from across the room, reminding you, yet again, that your first draft is overdue by a week. To distract yourself from the words that just won't come, you click into your […]

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Ursula K. Le Guin’s Taoism: How “The Way” Inspired Some of Her Greatest Works of Fiction

The work of Ursula K. Le Guin resonates across time and cultures. From the rich traditions of the Hainish universe to the vast islands of Earthsea, Le Guin’s novels are some of the most detailed and transformative in the history of the genre. In her lifetime, Le Guin published nearly 50 novels, novellas, children’s books, […]

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Witch Stories: Where to Start with Some of the Most Magical Writers and Storytellers

Who says witches have to be villains? Some of the greatest modern storytellers certainly don’t think so. Authors like Pam Grossman and Madeline Miller are flipping the script on witch stories, offering empowering and nuanced alternatives to the stereotype of the old hag in the woods who curses princesses with spindles. It’s important to tell […]

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The Art of Slow Living: Why We Should Read More and Work Less

Are you reading this article when you “should” be working? Good. That means you’re already well on your way to mastering the art of slow living.  Slow living isn’t just about taking more naps or promising not to check your email during your lunch break (but for the record, you should absolutely do both). No, […]

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Why bell hooks’ Definition of Love Has Never Been More Important

What does love mean? Really sit with this question for a moment. If you were to create your own dictionary right now, what would you say about it? Jot your answer down somewhere. Text it, type it out, write it on the napkin laying next to you—just put “love” into words.  Are you surprised by […]

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