About Inglenook

Inglenook is a community resource for magic in both literature and life. We review and recommend memoirs, magical realism and speculative fiction books, publish and promote short stories, and reflect on magic in literature and culture.
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“She took the hallowed dark and formed a hearth.”

– Pam Grossman

A Note from Inglenook's Founder:

I’ve always been grounded by three things: self-reflection, writing, and magic. One could say that my first experience with magic was writing, a soothing, alchemical process: with raw emotional material, I discovered I could create something new, transform myself, and inspire others. I created Inglenook to find a community of like-minded readers, writers, and bibliophiles who appreciate both magic and literary craft.

Humaning is tough. Stories and a draft of magic can ease and inspire the journey. I hope Inglenook helps you on yours.
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